Advisory roles, conceptual studies, pre-feasibility and feasibility, due diligence, DPR, preparing tender documents for MDO and other related activities. The core team of Primus have expertise in Geophysical and Mining activities, they were associated with a few big brains of the industry as consultants which helped him explore Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil and Africa in addition to – of course – our India.

Headed by a Mining Engineer from BHU with upwards of 3 decades of experience from mining planning to extraction. His wide range of experience from different countries, different terrains, different kinds of coal mining practices makes him a true leader of the department. His added expertise in DPR, Costing, Budgeting etc., come in handy.

He was assisted by 3 more persons from Mining and commercial disciplines. Each of them carries a minimum experience in their respective areas of 6+ years. Thus the company has considerable expertise in implementing conceptual studies, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies due diligence, review and auditing of geological and mining models, geological databases, including geological and mining report preparation and finally competent person, reports in both geological and mining segments.